8 Health benefits of Organic White Tea

October 27, 2016 - Health Benefits
8 Health benefits of Organic White Tea



Organic white tea has been used worldwide for a healthy lifestyle due to the multiple benefits it offers. Studies show that white tea has ingredients that can fight cancer cells and is better than green tea in terms of reducing the risk of cancer. Like green tea, white tea also contains caffeine that can improve your brain activity and have a more focused and alert mind. There is a lot of variety of white tea across the globe like organic silver needle white tea, organic white peony tea, organic loose leaf white tea, clipper organic tea etc.

Here are 8 interesting organic white tea benefits for healthy living.

1 – Best Antioxidant

Organic white tea contains EGCG (Antioxidant) that has the capability to fight against cancer cells. All teas contain EGCG but organic white tea has the most concentration that can help against various ailments.

organic white tea benefits

2 – Contains Caffeine

We all know caffeine can make your brain more focused and alert. Organic white tea contains just the right amount of caffeine so that you don’t get addicted to it. Caffeine also has properties that can reduce the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

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3 – Weight loss

Organic white tea is a favorite for obese people. It is one of the best beverage that can reduce weight due to its ingredients that helps to prevent the formation of fatty cells.

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4 – Accelerates the metabolism

The caffeine in the tea helps to speed up your metabolism rate that aids in weight loss. People that are health conscious and are looking forward to reduce weight can add white tea in their daily routine.

organic loose leaf white tea

5 – Can aid in lower sugar intake

Having tea is way better than having those carbonated sodas that contains a lot of sugar that can cause all sorts of diseases. White tea does not contain any calories making it one of the best beverage to have.

organic white tea benefits

6 – Protects from Acne

Organic white tea contains antioxidants that have the properties to make your skin look fresh and healthy. Dermatologists around the world believe that the antioxidants present in white tea can protect your skin and reduce the risk of any skin damage. So drinking white tea daily can make your skin fresh making you feel more confident.

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7 – Good for the heart

Like green tea, white tea can help reduce the risk of stroke because of the antioxidant properties. The catechins (antioxidant) that are present in the white tea help reduce stress and cholesterol levels lowering the chances of heart diseases.

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8 – Good for teeth

Organic white tea contains fluoride beneficial for your teeth. The fluoride helps to fight any bacteria or decay that can cause cavities. Most of the toothpastes we use today contain fluoride, so why not drink organic white tea daily and have that bright confident smile.

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