8 Health benefits of Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

October 26, 2016 Health Benefits

organic matcha-green-tea-powder

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder sometimes also dubbed as the “elixir of life” is used worldwide due to its multiple health benefits. Organic Matcha green tea powder is a traditional Japanese beverage with excellent antioxidant properties. It is also recommended by doctors and regarded as one of the best medicinal tea.

Here are 8 organic Matcha green tea powder benefits for a healthy lifestyle.

1 – Great Antioxidant

All health conscious people will understand the importance of antioxidants for your health.
The nutrients in green tea contain properties that can help boost up you metabolism resulting in weight loss.


2 – Good for your brain

Matcha organic green tea powder has ingredients that improves memory and brain function.One of the active ingredients is caffeine that can make your mind more focused, fresh and help improve concentration.


3 – Lowers the risk of cancer

According to a few studies, green tea can help lower the risk of cancer due to its antioxidant properties. It is a well-known fact that cancer is caused by the growth of cancer cells that keep on multiplying. The antioxidants in green tea help fight the cancer cells and can lower the mortality rate to some extent.

organic matcha-green-tea-powder

4 – Protects the immunity system

The nutrients in green tea contains rich minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for your immunity. Studies suggest that Matcha green tea powder organic contains Vitamins A & C, iron & calcium.

organic matcha green tea powder health benefits

5- Good for Cholesterol levels

Matcha green tea can help lower cholesterol levels to some extent. According to studies, people who drink Matcha organic green tea daily are less likely to suffer from heart diseases because it keeps your blood pressure and blood sugar levels stable.

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6 – Kills bacteria

Matcha organic green tea powder contains catechins (antioxidant) that has the properties to kill bacteria and other harmful diseases. Including green tea in your daily routine can be very useful as it can lower the risks of any infectious diseases.

organic matcha green tea powder benefits

7 – Can lower risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that has affected a lot of people worldwide. Studies show that having green tea daily can help lower the risk of diabetes because it helps to lower blood sugar levels.

matcha organic green tea powder

8 – Can lower blood pressure

Raised blood pressure is usually caused by stress and can cause heart diseases. Research shows that having organic Matcha green tea daily can help regulate your blood pressure and reduce risk of heart stroke.

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